EV Chargers Galway

What is EV Charging Points?

Buying an electric vehicle EV Charging Points Dublin means avoiding costly trips to the pump while protecting our climate and our health. But there is still a learning curve when it comes to charging. Let’s break down your most pressing EV charging questions so you can drive and refuel with confidence.

EV Charging Points Dublin
EV Charging Points Dublin

What are the different types of EV plugs?

Electric vehicles have separate charging ports, which are similar to sockets on the car. This means that the shape of the plug you connect to your electric vehicle also varies. It is important to know which outlet your car uses, as not all public charging stations are compatible with all types of outlets.

For level 1 and 2 charging, all electric vehicles sold in Dublin (except Teslas) use a J1772 socket (also known as a J socket). For Level 3 fast DCFC, all US EVs (again, aside from Teslas) use either CCS outlets (which stands for “combined charging system” and are the most common) or CHADEMO outlets, depending on the car brand. Teslas use the same proprietary plug for all charging levels, including at Tesla Supercharger stations. They also come standard with a J1772 adapter.

How Long Does It Take To Charge An Electric Car?

Charging your electric vehicle from an empty spot can take as little as 20 minutes or more than 40 hours, depending on everything from the size of your car’s battery to where and when you decide to charge. First of all, it is good to know the three levels of EV charging.

EV Charging Points Dublin

EV Chargers Galway

Level 1: It’s EV-speak for plugging the hardwire kit that came with your EV into a regular 120-volt outlet (the same type you’d use for a phone charger or light, for example). The bottom line is that this level of charging is slow – between 40 and 50 hours, if you’re charging empty. Although it’s worth noting that Dublin car owners average only around 50 miles a day. So Level 1 may be sufficient for your daily needs or in a pinch to add mileage.

Level 2: This means charging from a 220-volt outlet (the same type as heavy appliances like washing machines) or wired equipment. In this scenario, you can charge from empty in about four to ten hours. Level 2 public charging stations are common in places where motorists often park, such as workplaces or commercial parking lots, but most EV owners also have this version installed in their garage for overnight charging.

EV Charging Points Dublin
EV Charging Points Dublin

Level 3: For the fastest charging speeds, you can turn to Level 3 chargers, also known as DCFC chargers or DC fast chargers, which can charge your electric vehicle empty in just 20 minutes. These public charging stations are more expensive to run, but they’re especially great for time-conscious travelers or city drivers who can’t easily refuel at home. Plus, they get faster. First-generation vehicles are typically charged at 50 kW, but the vehicles installed today are typically at least three times as powerful and charge at 350 kW.

EV Charging Specialists

  • We are specialists in the supply and installation of EV Charging Points Dublin
  • We install in homes, car parks and factories/businesses including hotels and shopping centre.
  • We will recommend the optimum location for your Electric Car Charger
  • We will advise on the most suitable type of charger based on your needs and budget.
  • Our qualified electrician will ensure that the location is ready for installation and if required will liaise with your electrical supplier to provide power supply.
EV Charging Points Dublin

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Simple Self-Guided Installation Process

We pride ourselves on a quick and simple installation process. Here are the steps to installing a  charging point at home and how you can use the app to find the most convenient charging station close to you.

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EV Chargers Galway

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Larry Geoghegan and James Buckley established Nationwide Energy Solutions in 2018.

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EV Chargers Galway

EV Chargers Galway

EV Chargers Galway
EV Chargers Galway