EV Car Chargers Galway

EV Car Chargers Galway

EV Car Chargers Galway Installation

In the occurrence that you recently bought or planning to buy a new or utilized battery electric vehicle (BEV) or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), you will probably need a home EV charging station. At Patrick Lynch Electrical, we have great pride in providing only top-notch chargers and install them with expertise. We provide chargers with quick charging or eco recharging choices, Wi-Fi monitoring, and connectivity for charging any kind of electrical vehicle.

With the assistance of complex management systems, our Chargers for electric vehicles might reduce or even stop charging during periods of great demand and restart charging if the draw from the grid reduces. These devices can also be connected into your existing solar panel systems.

Everyone of our customers will get our expert guidance on the type of charger which works best with them, their electric vehicle, and their residence. We are able to deal with your issues, reduce the stress frequently accompany using new technology, and offer you the EV charging the solution that best meet your requirements.

Save Your Money

Save money on utilities or increase value of your home by installing EV charging solar panels as a great option.

Home Is Energy

Everyday the sun provides us with abundance of free energy by placing solar panels on your roof.

Consult & Planning

Our remote industrial solar EV charging systems are designed to reliably power our customers' critical remote locations.

Certified Engineers

NES sales engineers on our staff have experience and can design any complete solar system.

A fully installed home charging point

Cost of installing a dedicated home charger

  • After installation, you only pay for the electricity you use for charging.
  • The charging speed of electric cars is measured in kilowatts (kW).

How fast you can charge an electric car at home

Home charging stations charge your car with 3.6kW or 7kW and offer a range of around 15-30mph (compared to 2.3kW with a 3-pin plug which gives a range of up to 8 miles offers per hour).

The maximum charging speed may be limited by your vehicle’s built-in charger. If your car allows charging speeds up to 3.6kW, using a 7kW charger will not harm the car.

Telling about Nesireland Larry Geoghegan and James Buckley established  Nationwide Energy Solutions in 2018.
James has 20 years experience  as an electrician and 10 years running a successful electrical contracting company
expanding into renewable energy most specifically solar energy in most recent years having received all necessary credentials,as well as on site experience.
Larry is a qualified carpenter with 20 years experience with the last 10 years installing thermal solar and p v solar in recent years.

EV Car Chargers Galway

EV Car Chargers Galway

EV Car Chargers Galway

EV Car Chargers Galway
EV Car Chargers Galway