Heat Pump Installation

Heat pump installation Dublin

Heat pump Installation in Dublin

A heat pump is an efficient device used to transfer heat from one place to another. Like an air conditioner, a heat pump can remove heat from your home when you want it cooler indoors, and has the added benefit of moving heat around the house when you want it cooler or hotter. You can also simply replace air conditioners in the summer. Whether you heat your home with a natural gas or propane stove, adding a heat pump is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and save money by using your heat pump instead of your stove for spring and winter heating. If you are interested in a heat pump, you may be curious about how it is installed. Here’s what you should consider.

The combined expertise of the founders of Nationwide Energy Solutions ensures that you receive the best possible advice on the most appropriate energy efficient solutions for your unique project from the first contact. As well as ensuring that the most reputable brand name products currently available are used on the project, you can rest assured that when complete you will have a quality installation that is both efficient and environmentally friendly.

Can existing houses be fitted with heat pumps?

Yes, heat pumps can be installed in an existing home. Prior to installation, a full home inspection should be performed by a competent person to ensure the suitability of the home and identify any additional insulation measures. A full home inspection should be carried out by a competent person prior to installation to ensure the suitability of the home and to determine any additional insulation measures that may be required. To get the best performance from heat pumps, it is recommended that your home be well insulated and relatively airtight. For this reason, the installation is often carried out in conjunction with a textile renovation to improve the energy efficiency of the building. Every house is different. The key to choosing the right heat pump for your home is an accurate assessment of the heat that needs to be transferred into your home to heat it. This should be done by experienced and qualified specialists.

SEAI also offers insulation grants to facilitate this. There are also deep retrofit programs available that help homeowners make the most cost-effective choices to achieve an ‘A’ energy efficiency rating standard.

Where do I put the Heat Pump system?

The indoor unit can be installed in the home in the utility room or hot press, replacing the existing hot water tank. Heat pumps are quiet enough to make this possible. This saves both installation and operating costs. If you also need an outdoor unit (air heat pumps), it is outside, not too far from the indoor unit. The heat pump is always more economical when it is placed close to the place where it the hot water is used. If possible, install the heat pump in the house in the utility room.

Do I need to have Underfloor Heating or upgrade my radiators?

A heat pump will work more efficiently because of the lower operating temperature requirements, thus heating the underfloor heating, but it is wrong to say you can’t have radiators. Steel panel radiators, cast iron radiators, fan-driven radiators, fan coil units, thermal baseboards and forced air systems can all work, depending on the system design. If you are installing a new system with radiators, they can be sized slightly larger to operate at lower temperatures.

Installing Heat Pump

Do I need planning permission?

Conditional planning exemptions apply to heat pump technologies in living areas:
The level of the floor should not be changed more than 1 m above or below the level of the adjacent floor.
The total area of each air source HP or combination of two heat pumps must not exceed 2.5 m².

The heat pump must be at least 50 cm away from the edge of the wall or roof where it is to be installed.
The sound level at the next party boundary should not exceed 43 dB(A).

No construction may be placed in front of a building.

Heat pump installation Dublin
Heat pump installation Dublin

How much do heat pumps cost?

There are a number of factors affecting the cost of installation such as the age and size of your property, the levels of insulation and thermal efficiency, the number of rooms and radiators, etc. We recommend talking to some renewable heating professionals to get multiple quotes. 

Installing an air and water heat pump usually costs average euros, depending on the size and capacity of the heat pump, the amount of hot water boiler you need and whether the heat pump heat must be adjustable via the internet. Ground systems range from €12,500 to €23,500, again depending on the size of the heat pump, hot water tank and underground loop system.

Will I have a bigger electricity bill with a Heat Pump?

Yes, if you don’t currently heat with electric, you will have a higher electricity bill, but not an oil or gas bill. While the heat pump uses electrical energy to obtain free thermal energy from the source, your overall energy expenditure will be significantly less. Gas boilers have an efficiency of up to 97% and oil boilers up to 95%, but the efficiency of a heat pump can exceed 400%. 

To further reduce your home heating bills, Electric Ireland has developed a heat pump tariff plan. This tariff offers discounted day and night tariffs for households with heat pump systems.

Heat pump installation Dublin

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Before you purchase a heat pump there are a few things that you should consider:

  • House efficiency :Before installing a heat pump, it is a wise decision to upgrade your insulation and fix any air leaks. The more efficient your house shell is, the longer you can use your heat pump instead of your heating system in winter.
  • Type of heat pump: There are two main types of heat pumps to consider: geothermal source and air source. Air to water heat pumps use the air outside your home as a heat source and, in summer, as a heat destination. They are easier to install.

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Heat pump installation

Telling about Nesireland Larry Geoghegan and James Buckley established  Nationwide Energy Solutions in 2018.
James has 20 years experience  as an electrician and 10 years running a successful electrical contracting company
expanding into renewable energy most specifically solar energy in most recent years having received all necessary credentials,as well as on site experience.
Larry is a qualified carpenter with 20 years experience with the last 10 years installing thermal solar and p v solar in recent years.
We have a keen interest in renewable energy and are enthusiastic about providing the best solar energy solutions to our customers.

The combined areas of expertise of the founders of Nationwide Energy Solutions ensure that from initial contact you get the best available advise of the most suitable Energy efficient solutions for your unique project. Together with ensuring the most respected branded products currently available are used in the project – you are assured that when completed you will have had a quality installation this is both efficient and eco friendly.

Nesireland are very efficient – generating your own energy and enjoying the savings for many years to come.

Nesireland are Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) offer significant grants – investing in clean energy solutions was never more affordable than today.

Nesireland investing in clean energy solutions reduce your carbon footprint, saves and produces your own electricity reduces your vulnerability to changes in the electricity market.

Larry Geoghegan and James Buckley established Nationwide Energy Solutions in 2018.

James has 20 years of experience in electricity and has successfully run the electrical contracting company for over 10 years, including most recent years in the expanded solar renovation industry, receiving all the necessary credentials and experience on site.

Heat pump installation

Heat pump installation

Heat pump installation
Heat pump installation