EV Charging Points Dublin

EV Charging Points Dublin

EV Charging Points

EV Charging Specialists

We are specialists in the supply and installation of EV Chargers Galway.
We install in homes, car parks and factories/businesses including hotels and shopping centre.We will recommend the optimum location for your Electric Car Charger
We will advise on the most suitable type of charger based on your needs and budget.
Our qualified electrician will ensure that the location is ready for installation and if required will liaise with your electrical supplier to provide power supply.

Save Your Money

Save money on utilities or increase the value of your home by installing solar panels as a great option.

Home Is Energy

Everyday the sun provides us with abundance of free energy by placing solar panels on your roof.

Consult & Planning

Our remote industrial solar systems are designed to reliably power our clients critical remote locations.

Certified Engineers

Our sales engineers on our staff have experience and can design any complete solar system.

Turn your home into a Renewable Power Station

Safety & Security

Receive a range of instant notifications in real
time such as SOS alerts, in case of a theft attempt, battery status,
and more.

Simple Self-Guided Installation Process

We pride ourselves on a quick and simple installation process. Here are the steps to installing a  charging point at home and how you can use the app to find the most convenient charging station close to you.

EV Chargers Galway
Telling about Nesireland Larry Geoghegan and James Buckley established  Nationwide Energy Solutions in 2018.
James has 20 years experience  as an electrician and 10 years running a successful electrical contracting company
expanding into renewable energy most specifically solar energy in most recent years having received all necessary credentials,as well as on site experience.
Larry is a qualified carpenter with 20 years experience with the last 10 years installing thermal solar and p v solar in recent years.
Flat plate panels on the other hand, expose their full face area for a short period of time when the sun is directly overhead. This is because, as the name suggests, they are flat. Therefore, they work well when the sun is facing the side of the flat surface, but produce less power at 4pm in the afternoon. When comparing panels, make sure you’re not just comparing “peak output” and output per day. Two types of solar panels can store exactly the same amount of energy, but a flat panel loses some of its energy before it can transfer it to water. On a sunny day, it doesn’t matter that the panel loses heat, but it is instantly restored by the sun. In the middle of the Irish day it really doesn’t matter as the air temperature can be 10°C so the panel 70°C loses a lot of temperatures to the air outside.

EV Charging Points Dublin

EV Charging Points Dublin

EV Charging Points Dublin

EV Charging Points Dublin
EV Charging Points Dublin